Mixing Prints Less Complicated

I know there have been so many posts and information out there on how to mix prints but if you still find it confusing then this is for you.  Let me break this down for you.  First of all don’t over think it.  It’s actually simpler than you can imagine.  For me true style comes from owning what you wear! So if you feel like you put together the perfect outfit, then really no one can tell you it’s wrong.  It’s all about confidence and feeling it! But I know that mixing together two or more prints really seems foreign to a lot people (i.e. my mom). So if you want to know my tips for keeping it simple then read right on along!

I like to keep things simple when it comes to getting dressed.  I used to think that I needed to dress like other bloggers or try to step up and try new things that were quite frankly not me. If I said it once I’ll say it again, black and white are staples for me but I really do love color as well! I love bright colors to be honest so there’s really no in between that for me.  So when I think of mixing prints for beginners, my first tip is to pick a pattern in black and white and then go from there.  Think polka dots, stripes, plaids, and checkered prints as your base.  All of these are classic and will probably go perfectly with another print so consider them a neutral.

My next tip is to make sure your prints are basically in the same color family.  If you are choosing a black and white print it’s pretty easy to pair with anything however if choosing another color try to choose different shades of the same hue.  For instance if your top is a light blue, pick a bottom that has the same blue in the pattern but a darker color as the base.

Along the same lines of color, don’t be afraid of matching two of the same prints.  When doing this invert the colors.  If you choose red pants with white polka, then the top should be the opposite.

The fourth tip would be to choose prints in different sizes and play with the scales.  You can pair a shirt with small checkers and a skirt with a bigger floral pattern or a wide striped top and a leopard coat.  As I have done here, the polka dots in my shirt are spread apart whereas the skirt has a more concentrated floral print.  Mixing prints is already busy so playing with the scale of the patterns can combat some of that.

Ok are you still a little nervous about experimenting with mixing patterns?  Try adding an “anchor” piece in a solid color to your outfit to break up the patterns.  I chose a khaki jacket here which brings the pieces together and also breaks up the prints.  You can also accomplish this by wearing a crew neck sweater with your printed button up shirt. Have your sleeves and collar peaking through to break it up from your printed pants or skirt.

Lastly and the simplest way to mix and match is adding an accessory of a different print! Get shoes or a bag in a different pattern than your shirt or dress and you have still accomplished the look! The best thing you can with this is just have fun! See what works and what doesn’t.  Style is about experimenting and stepping out of your comfort zone.

Skirt: Target (Less than $20!!) | Top: Old | Jacket: Old Navy | Shoes: Sam Edelman (Old but very similar here and here )

Below is an example of different mixing a prints with a pair of polka dot pants! Hope you guys enjoyed! Until next time loveys!


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