Bodak Yellow

Did y’all get Cardi B’s new album????? I know I did and I’ve been blastin it ever since AND I’m not ashamed! One thing you can never take away from her is her hustle and it’s something to be admired.  I believe that’s one reason people love and respect her.  Regardless if you think she’s a top lyricist or not, you have to recognize her girl bossness! That’s why I like her so much.  She is undeniably just Cardi but her work ethic is something that influences me.  It doesn’t hurt that her songs are all BOPS! Like seriously how can you not twerk to Bickenhead!! Ok enough about Cardi and on to style!

Following me by now you’ve probably discovered that I have a love for black, white and whatever I choose to pop it with if anything.  I’ve been loving red lately but my FAVORITE color that comes a close second is yellow! I’ve always loved the bight vibrant color because yellow looks so good on my skin tone.  I’m just lucky not that it’s the color of the season so it’s everywhere and easily accessible.

Now let’s talk paperbag waist pants.  This style pant is also HUGE this season and you can find them anywhere! Not only are they like the most comfortable style if you love high waist but they are so flattering.  The paperbag tends to cinch in the waist at the smallest point which is what every girl wants and needs to create that curve!  You want to find a pair that’s not too short and not too long in length because then you can wear them with any shoe you choose! Heels or flats, booties or sandals, the possibilities are endless with this style!.  Make sure that your top is either tucked or short enough to meet the pant at the waist in order to get the full effect.

I saved the heartbreaking news for last.  These pants are from H&M and they are sold ALL THE WAY SOLD OUT! Ughhhhh! I try so hard to bring you guys a post before things sell out but sometimes I just can’t beat the clock.  The good news is I found you guys some great alternatives! Not all may be yellow but still great to try the paperbag waist.  Sorry guys.

Pants: H&M (sold out. See Below for Alternatives) | Jacket: Nordstrom | Booties: Forever 21


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