Am I Anti Valentine’s Day?

Wow! Hi guys!!! First off Happy New Year! I can’t believe this is my first post of the new year.  I’m such a lame for taking so long.  I’ll fill you guys in on other things I’ve been working on later.  However, I know we just got through January but I wanna wish you all so much success in 2018 and whatever you are planning to do this year I want to you guys to get up and DO IT!! There is a market or a need for you out there so let’s get it!

Now that that’s over with let get in to it! So here’s the thing.  I’m gonna stop lying to myself and say Valentine’s Day doesn’t matter when IT DOES!  I get it.  It’s a made up holiday for companies to capitalize on and love should be given everyday and not just one day a year yeah yeah yeah all that! HOWEVER, I am a holiday girl.  I can’t help it.  I like all holidays and this includes Valentine’s Day (and does not include Columbus Day to be clear).  It doesn’t mean I’m sad to be alone because I’m single.  I can celebrate with friends and family! As long as I’m being loved. Do I sound cheesy?  Well sue me.  I have two stories to tell.

I used to date this guy.  Of course there is a guy story.  We were together for about 2 1/2 years.  One of the reasons we didn’t work out was because he didn’t celebrate holidays (among like 100 other things but you get it).  I mean he didn’t like any holiday! He bought me gifts for Christmas and my birthday but it wasn’t exciting because he just did it just to do it.  There’s no holiday spirit at all.  So of course when Valentine’s Day comes around he was like HELL NO.  He gave me all the excuses I mentioned above but the gag is… He didn’t do the “love” thing all year! Was I asking too much to just acknowledge the day??? Ok let me calm down.  Needless to say we broke up but I never knew how much I valued holidays before him.  Lesson learned.

My second story is from college.  I have a best friends who happened to be married to one another now but at the time they were dating.  I remember being sad on Valentine’s Day one year.  Probably because in college Valentine’s Day is thrown in your face every where you turn! Well my friend told me to come to her apartment later to hang.  As a couple, they could care less about this holiday even to this day so I didn’t think anything of it.  I went over to find that her boyfriend (my other best friend) cooked both of us a grand steak and lobster meal! This touched me sooooooo much that they thought about me being sad and alone and took the time and money to do something special for me! It was that night I discovered… I hate lobster!  But nonetheless it was also then I realized it’s not about the commercialized propaganda of the day.  It all boils down to showing love and celebrating it in all forms. Shout out to De’Juan and Karima!

To sum it all up, let’s just say I’m that girl who loves to celebrate love.  Whether it’s with friends, family, your partner or your dog just celebrate the love you have around you! I think sometimes we get wrapped up in our everyday life or we are just so complacent that we don’t stop and say I love you to those in our lives.  If you do things and are lovey dovey all year then great but if not just take Valentine’s Day to show appreciation.  Spread love y’all xoxoxox

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