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So I know it can be dreadful this time of year for us wide calf ladies.  Although our boot selection is getting better these days, it still sucks to see an amazing pair and realize they won’t zip up.  It used to be, just like in fashion, that all the bigger options weren’t as stylish AT ALL! I’ve spend a long time researching boots every year and trying to find what would suit me.  So here, I wanted to round up my favorite places to look for boots that actually fit and what I’ve discovered is sometimes you can scope out options in the least likely of places.  I think we get so warped into thinking that we have to go to Torrid or Lane Braynt to find everything to fit us and even though they have options it’s not our only choice!

The key to looking for boots in stores and online is knowing the material and measuring your calf.  You want to measure your calf at the widest point and go with that number.  Also take into account if you want to tuck your jeans in  your boots as this will affect the measurements.  There are so many options this year with stretch boots being on trend and in mostly every store.  Here are a few tips when searching:

  1. Don’t be afraid to try boots on!  We often times get defeated when looking at options and just think we already know they won’t fit.  I have a 19″ -19 1/2″ calf which is pretty big being that 15-17″ is the standard.  I also have a number of boots that I just took a chance on and they actually worked!
  2. The pull on style is your friend in most cases and if it has a zip just at the bottom it will make the boot easier to get on your foot especially for us with bigger ankles as well.
  3. A usual rule of thumb is if you go up a size, the calf measurement will also increase by 1/4 to 1/2 an inch.  If you don’t mind throwing on some thicker socks with your boots then try sizing up.
  4. If your calves are too big for average boots but too small for wide calf, it may be beneficial to visit your local cobbler who may be able to stretch the boots for you or add an elastic insert.  Check your local shoe repair place.

Dress: Sold Out (Similar here and here) | Boots: Old (Similar here  and only $25!!!! )

My Go-To Stores for Boots

DSW (– Every year DSW never lets me down with their selection of boots.  It never fails that I’m able to find at least two pair for the season.  They have a variety of actual wide calf boots and some with stretch.

ASOS(– Can this brand do no wrong??? Yes they can but they are truly stepping their game up when it comes to wide options.  You can find riding, over the knee and ankle boots in so many cute styles.

Simply Be (– This is a plus size brand and every year they seem to get better with their boots selection.  This is my go to for seeking out over the knee boots. The quality is great!

Public Desire ( / Ego Official ( – These two websites have strictly shoes.  They don’t offer wide calf or width however they have a variety of boots in the stretch material that fit bigger legs.  Mostly known for the over knee boot style, these sites are definitely worth a visit.

Nordstrom (nordstrom,com) – We all know Nordstrom the department store has a variety of clothes and shoes but they also have a range of wide calf options.  Though on the more pricey side, its definitely worth a visit.  Sometimes investing in a higher quality pair of boots is more beneficial because they will last for seasons to come.

Other online options are Eloquii, Lane Bryant, River Island, Nine West, Urbanog and Macy’s!!

Here are some options for you guys! Happy Hunting!



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