Ruffles and Conversations: Petite Curvy Style Tips

I debated long and hard if I was going to post these pictures for this blog post because to be honest this wasn’t my best shooting day.  Not because the clothes aren’t cute but after looking at the photos I realized this outfit wasn’t necessarily the best for me and my body type.  Let’s start at the beginning.

As many of you know my mom is my photographer and we went out to shoot at these beautiful murals in DC. I was anticipating this shoot because I’ve been wanting to take photos at these murals for so long! I chose a monochromatic look so that I wouldn’t clash with the walls but still stand out enough for photographs.  First of all the day was FREEZING! The wind was crazy and my ruffles were going all over the place! I would choose a non-coat outfit on the coldest day of winter.  My mom got some great shots (shouts out to moms) but after looking at the photos I noticed something about my outfit.  It wasn’t the best for me.

Taking actual photographs of your outfits can give you a clear visual of how you look as opposed to looking in the mirror.  I’ve come to realize that as much as I’m trying to give you guys styles tips and tricks, I’m learning a lot about what works for me and my body type as well.  I am a natural perfectionist especially when it comes to providing a service or putting my name on something but with this blog I want to be transparent and personal.  Let me start by saying this is in no way a platform for me to body shame myself but let’s face it we all have problem areas and things we like to mask with clothes.  I’m a short girl (5’2″) but also with that I have very short thick legs and a short torso.  Because of that I have to be conscious about wearing longer shirts with flats.  Before we jump to conclusions, I’m not saying I can’t wear either of them because honey I am a flats girl! However wearing the two together can be tricky at times.  The reason is longer shirts can tend to cut my legs off and make them look a little stumpy for lack of a better word.  Wearing a shirt at the waist to expose some of the leg would have elongated me, giving the illusion of being taller.  Same trick with a heel.  If I chose a heel with this same shirt it would haven given the same effect.  Listen you live and you learn!  I’ve been told I am extremely hard on myself and I can agree with that.  We got some great shots of this outfit and I think it’s styled well if I do say so myself.  I just wanted to share with you guys that bloggers are definitely not perfect and there is always room for learning everyday!

Petite and Curvy Style Tips:

  1. As stated earlier when wearing flats try pairing them with a shirt or jacket that hits your waist to expose more of your legs.  If you have short legs like me you don’t want to cut them off.  You want to elongate them.  If you want to wear a longer top add a heel to give you some height.
  2. Monochromatic is a short girl’s best friend!  Wearing the same color on the top and bottom in different hues and textures can give an illusion of long endless lines.  Same can be said for pairing your shoes and tights.  Imagine how long your legs look with black opaque tights and a black pumps.
  3. Who says a short girl can’t wear patterns.  Wear the patterns you want and strut!  Just remember vertical lines whether big or small will fool the eye in a good way.
  4. Invest in a good tailor.  All petite women should have one on deck!


Now that self reflection is over let’s get into these ruffles!! I have to admit this trend for the spring is my absolute favorite!  Don’t be surprised if you see me in more of it.  I thought this shirt was a great combination of the cold shoulder and ruffles without being too much!  One of the things I love to do with styling is taking something really girly and pairing it with something a little more edgy.  I wanted to take a casual spin on this top so I added these distressed denim jeans.  Frayed edge denim is another big trend for spring.  The uneven hem of these jeans gives just a little something extra!  Oh and my silver oxfords are my favorite!

Top: Boohoo | Jeans: Express | Shoes: Zara (old similar here and here) | Necklace: The Loft

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  1. I totally understand the thick thigh and short leg struggle. I think that is why I tend to favor one pieces. I’m not as creative as you. I appreciate your candor and I love those shoes. Keep up the good work.

  2. I love the silver oxfords! I need to cop a pair asap! Oh and the short leg struggle is real. I think that’s why I favor one pieces and dresses. I’m not as creative as you doll!

  3. This was a great post! I too struggle with being 5’2 and thick thighs and I’m always looking for a very cute yet comfy outfit because truthfully at my current size heels just aren’t the most comfortable for me. Thanks for the advice on long shirts with flats couldn’t really put my finger on why I would always shy away from it is just knew it wasn’t a combo I cared for much.. now I know why however I still think you pulled it off well. Thanks for the tips and can’t wait for the next one.

    1. Aww thank you Nicole! We can pull off whatever we want and still rock it but we just have to be mindful of certain things for our body types! And that’s at any size!

  4. Kudos for the transparency! Love he Oxfords and what doesn’t work for Petite totally works for team TALL!!!! Thank for the advise that may not have been meant for me but can 100% be applied. Always a silver lining.

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