The Infamous Bodycon Dress

I remember the first time I put on a bodycon dress.  I was looking for some cute outfits for a trip to Vegas and I knew I wanted to be sexy as hell! At that time Forever 21 just launched their plus size line and it was ALL the rage among curvy and shapely women.  I found this really cute black and white striped tank dress and it fit every nook and cranny of my body.  Had to be a good thing right?!?! Umm not so much. It showed every lump and bump I had in my then size 20 body!  Now I loved the dress and I was no where near ashamed of my body but when something is a no go, it’s a no go.  That’s when my girlfriend introduced me to shapewear.  Her exact words were “Girl buy that dress! Haven’t you ever heard of Spanx!”  Needless to say I hadn’t at the time but my life was forever changed.  I bought every bodycon dress I could find! My closet was an endless stream of these tight fitting club dresses.

As years went on I think my style has evolved of course as it should.  I can’t say that I own as many bodycons as I once did in my 20s.  At one point I was so tired of seeing them and felt like if you think fashion is just throwing on a bodycon then you are mistaken!  I took this somewhat cocky stance about the infamous style and nearly gagged at the site of them.  Then I realized that just because I have tired of something doesn’t mean the style isn’t classic! Hell it was my fault for buying so many damn dresses! I have since fell back in love with this style as I do think it has graduated to the category of classic!  There are so many ways to wear this dress than just throwing on your stilettos and head to the club (even though it does still work as a go to freakum dress okkk!)  Here are my style tips to update this dress!

  1. This may sound basic but if you are not sure about wearing bodycons or still a little nervous then opt for black! There are tons of black dresses that aren’t boring! Just choose a different material such as faux leather or lace.
  2. Grab a denim, leather or suede jacket to throw on or drape over your shoulders.  Not only will you add a little something something to the look you will also be able to hide those problem areas.
  3. If headed to work throw on a boyfriend cardigan that comes below the booty!  You don’t want to distract your coworkers with those killer curves girl!
  4. Dress down this look by wearing low top sneakers like Converse or Adidas!  Wrap a denim or plaid shirt around the waist and you will not only look ultra casual but still fly!

Dress: Sold out (similar here and here) | Jacket: GAP | Boots: Madden Girl


Let’s talk about shapewear! Ok so confession time.  If I can get away without wearing shapewear I most definitely will! But let’s be honest, with bodycons there is really no escaping it.  I have a somewhat difficult time finding the right undergarments because I have really big legs and the outline of the shapewear will sometimes make an appearance through my dresses.  Not because I need to size up but just because these thunder thighs won’t let me be great!  I’ve learned that if you have this same problem you want to get seamless shorts and this will help with digging.  One thing you want to remember about shapewear is to make sure you get your correct size!  When you get a smaller size than you need, you aren’t getting more snatched.  You are actually creating more of a bulge in other areas.  It’s just not cute ladies!

My favorite and go to shapewear are these from Spanx.  They are the most comfortable, wearable, breathable pair of Spanx I own! I would say I wear these most of the time.

Thinstincts High-Waisted Mid-Thigh Short

When I want the ultimate snatch I go for this one from Miraclsuit.  Not only does it do the job Spanx can do but it also takes care of that pesky back fat! And with the opening you can wear your own bra.

Miraclesuit Extra Firm Shape Away Torsette

I have also come to love this tank from Spanx as well.  It’s more of a medium coverage and it’s extremely comfortable for everyday use.  This tank is great to control the tummy and back area!

Spanx Thin-Stincts Slimming Cami 

An honorable mention is this shaper dress.  I personally don’t wear this style because dresses don’t work for my legs and booty.  I got a lot going on chile.  When I walk it tends to rise up and then I have to keep adjusting so it’s just not for me. BUT for my smaller plus size ladies I hear great things and I think it’s worth mentioning.  You guys let me know what you think!

Maidenform Firm Control Open Bust Body Shaper

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