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If you know me you know I try to stay up on what’s trendy but essentially I like what I like.  I choose to keep with what’s new in fashion and what people will be talking about because it’s my hobby! But let’s be clear, if I don’t like something I will not buy or wear it just because its the “in thing” to do.  I like to follow trends but I also like to think that I set my own.

With that said, let’s talk about a few spring trends in upcoming posts starting here with everything romantic!  Romantic includes lace, off the shoulder, ruffles, bell sleeves and of course floral.  Florals for spring? Groundbreaking (all my Devil Wears Prada worshippers will appreciate that).  Think about what you would wear in Paris in the spring.  This trend is ultra feminine but can also be over-powering so it’s best to pick one style and wear only that piece.  If you want to wear lace then find a top and pair with jeans and a sandal.  If you choose a ruffled skirt find a white tank and let the skirt be the statement piece. Here are some of my picks below!



  1. Lace Top   2. Floral Maxi Dress  3. Sheer Bell Sleeve Top  4. Ruffle Dress. 5. Off the Shoulder Dress


Check out more of my picks below! Don’t forget to love life’s curves!


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