Valentine’s Day Series – “Gal-entine’s Day”

With chocolate, flowers, balloons and hearts being forced in your face the days leading up to Valentine’s Day, why not have a “date night” with the ones who will always be there and have your back- your girls! Whether it’s catching a movie or grabbing drinks at the bar, the time needed with your friends is precious and sometimes well needed.  Most of all you don’t have to worry about fussing over what to wear!  We all have should have something that’s comfortable yet cute.  The “I wasn’t really trying” look.  So keep it simple and toast to friendship.

Jacket: Missguided || Shirt: Target (Sold out similar here) || Jeans: Express || Boots: DSW

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    1. Thank you so much soror!! And thank you for following me. I look forward growing and brining you guys great finds! Spring ’02 Gamma Lambda

    1. How true is this! We have to celebrate what we have been blessed with even when others don’t. Embracing what we have and loving every curve! Thank you for stopping by!

  1. Absolutely amazing!!! I am so very PROUD of you!! This is truly your calling and I see great things coming your way!!! Get into the curved life before you get curved!!! Yes!!!

  2. Just want the blog world to know how proud I am of my bestie, my COD, my soror…the list goes on! This blog is only the beginning – so glad you’re sharing your blessings with the world.
    Love you!!!!

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