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Whenever I post a selfie or #OOTD (outfit of the day for all my hashtag beginners) I always get at least one message or comment asking where I shop.  If I’m being honest, I shop freakin everywhere! No lie.  I don’t limit myself to just stores that cater to plus size women.  Shout out to the oversized trend going on by the way! Anyway, the key to shopping in straight size stores is the amount of stretch and just picking up the garment and looking at it.  I know what styles to stay away from in straight stores. For example if I’m looking for a button up shirt I know more than likely I can’t go to Zara.  On the flip side if I’m looking for a sweater dress, there’s a chance it could be in there because sweater dresses tend to have some give.

Another thing is I’m the online queen! I have a number of online go-tos that I know won’t let me down. To conquer online shopping you MUST look at the description.  Look at the fabric content and measurements so you can be at least 90% sure it will fit.  Now how it looks on you may be a different story.

So I’ve listed for you my Holy Grail shopping destinations and why love them so! Click on any of the photos to take you right to the store.


I’m sure you have heard of this place but really it is a great place!  It’s a UK based online shopping website and it’s like a one stop shop (they have dope shoes too!) They also have plus sizes(Curve) that range from a size 12-24 and the straight size section goes to a 14.  In my opinion, some things on this site with stretch can run a little big so just pay attention to the amount of elastane percentage. Overall this is the first place I go when I’m looking for an outfit.

Missguided is another UK based store that is usually up on trends.  I come to here whenever I’m looking for something to wear to an event or going out for a special occasion.  They also have great basics in great muted neutral tones.  Great place to shop! Sizes range from 12-20!

Eloquii has become one of my favorite places to shop because of their versatility! From work to weekend to special occasion, Eloquii has it all and they usually have great sales.  The clothes are well made and the sizes generally range from 14-24 and some items go to a size 28.

Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor LOFT are the most classic of all the places I shop.  If I want quality slacks, skirts, button up collar shirts etc this is where I go.  The store only carries up to a 14 in house but online both sites go to a size 18 and XXL.

If you want affordable trends and basics, H&M is your place! The wide variety of clothes is a shoppers dream. This is really my go to for t-shirts, sweatshirts and tanks.  However this is one of those places where its worth it to try on everything.  The straight size in store goes to a 14 and XL in some items (I’ve even seen some 16s) and in the stores that carry the plus you can find sizes up to a 24 and 3XL.  I personally shop in both sections because depending on stretch I can find great things but I also check out the mens section! Don’t sleep

Boohoo is also a UK based online shopping destination for all things trendy and fun!  The prices are incredible and they have the most amazing sales! I have to admit I can go really crazy on this site but let’s be honest the quality may not be as great.  But if you want to look cute for really a fraction of the price Boohoo is a great place to go! Sizes are from 12-20.


You can’t get any more holy grail for me than these two places! I used to work at the Gap for years and I just haven’t stopped loving this brand.  I mean can we say jeans! The Gap being more casual and Banana being on the higher end side, these two are still A-1 in quality for me after years! Online The Gap will cater to a size 20 and Banana to a size 16.


When it comes to department store shopping these are my faves! I think it goes without saying.  You can find all ranges of sizes and styles in both stores!  Though Nordstrom doesn’t have as many sales as Macy’s it has great pieces in designer and high street styles.

And lastly to round out my holy grail shopping destinations, I definitely frequent Forever 21.  Though I love Forever 21 for very affordable finds let’s face it, you get what you pay for.  My suggestion, if there is a trend you want to try out go here first so you aren’t spending a fortune on something you may not wear next year.


Of course I could go on all day about where I find great things but I think this post is long enough! However some honorable mentions are listed below and I think they are definitely worth visiting.



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  1. Hi Kori!! I am so proud of you. This is such a great site for me, as I always need guidance on shopping for myself and as I get older I really like unique, stylish gear and readding your blogs are definitely a great help. You are very talented girl.Keep you the great work sis/soror. 🙂

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